Valleys Faith Forum: Constitution

1. Name
1.1 The name of the voluntary organisation is Valleys Faith Forum.

2. Aims & Objectives
2.1 To promote mutual understanding of faith community issues in the South Wales Valleys.
2.2 To build bridges between people of all faiths and beliefs, and none, to foster tolerance, respect, friendship and peace and help reduce prejudice and ignorance.
2.3 To work in partnership with others in the community on issues of mutual concern and interest.
2.4 To be a resource for the South Wales Valleys regarding faith community issues.

3. Social Inclusion, Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy
3.1 The Valleys Faith Forum believes that everyone in society matters and aims to actively work towards making that a reality through dialogue.

4. Membership
4.1 Membership will be open to individuals who are participants of one of the 9 major world faiths as set out by the Interfaith Network UK, who are over 18, who are sympathetic to the aims and objectives of the Forum, agree to abide by its code of conduct and rules as agreed from time to time by the VFF and have paid the subscription as agreed at the First Meeting and at subsequent AGM’s.
4.2 Apart from specific members meeting to discuss the business organisation and policy of the VFF, meetings will be open to anyone to attend.

5. Steering Group
5.1 The Steering Group will consist of individuals elected from the Membership of the VFF allowing for the different denominations and traditions, plus a representative from the University Chaplaincy with a maximum of fifteen members, including 3 co-options. The Steering Group will have responsibility for co-options. Non members can be co-opted. A minimum of five Steering Group Members at a meeting of the Steering Group will constitute a quorum.

15 members, 1 Representative from each of the 9 faith communities:
  •   Buddhist
  •   Baha’i
  •   Christian
  •   Hindu
  •   Muslim
  •   Jewish
  •   Sikh
  •   Jain
  •   Zoroastrian
  •   University Chaplaincy

The remainder of the Steering group to be elected by the Forum from its membership at a General meeting with due regard being given to, inclusivity and balance in representation. If one of the 9 faith communities is not represented in the Valleys then the steering group can further co-opt to fill those vacancies as the need arises.
5.2 All administration, policy making and financial matters necessary to manage the Forum shall be carried out by the Steering Group.

6. Election of Officers
6.1 Members of the Steering Group may be nominated for Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer and will be elected at the Annual General Meeting by members of the VFF.
6.2 Officers are nominated and seconded by members of the Forum.
6.3 Elections will take place at the Annual General Meeting.
6.4 Officers shall be elected annually and will serve a maximum of three consecutive years. A person who has been an Officer for three consecutive years may not be elected to any office for a minimum of one year thereafter. If an Officer resigns mid-term, the SG has the right to appoint a replacement Officer from within the SG to serve until the AGM.

7. Frequency of Meetings
7.1 The Steering Group – at least 3 times per year, one of which must be prior to the AGM.
7.2 The Membership - meets subject to the events' timetable.
7.3 An AGM will be held no more than 14 months after the last AGM.

8. Finance
8.1 All funds raised by or on behalf of The Forum will be used to further the aims of the Forum and for no other purpose.
8.2 No individual member will make any personal financial or material gain from the Forums funds, only legitimate expenses will be met.
8.3 The treasurer will keep a proper record of the finances of the Forum and such record will be submitted for independent examination.
8.4 The Forum will hold its funds in an account with a bank or building society that the Steering Group shall from time to time decide. This account will be in the Forum's name and up to four signatories will be assigned to the account. Two signatories will be required to authorize expenditure, one of which must be an Officer.
8.5 A full financial report and Accounts along with an independent examiners report will be presented by the Treasurer at the Annual General Meeting.

9. Amendments to the Constitution
9.1 Amendments to the Constitution can be carried out at either an AGM or at an extra-ordinary general meeting provided that one month notice is given stating clearly the business of the intended constitutional amendment. The only business relating to the constitution that will be deal with at such a meeting will be that which has previously been notified.
9.2 If necessary, one member, one vote, will apply and two thirds of those present must agree with a motion for it to be carried.

10. Dissolution
10.1 Dissolution of the Forum is a decision taken by two thirds of the members.
10.2 Any remaining funds will be forwarded to a local institution in the area having similar aims or if none, to the Inter Faith Network for the United Kingdom.