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Puja in Wales

Type: Worshipping Communities

Faith Group: Hinduism


Penyrheol Centre, Caerphilly.



Our organisation was formed nearly 28 years ago in South Wales by a small group of Indian people who wanted to celebrate Asian festivals and perform Puja (worship). Initially in 1973 it started in a doctor’s house and subsequently moved out to community puja in 1974 at 28 The parade, Roath, Cardiff. In last 15 years it has grown from strength to strength and we got registered as charity 6 years ago.

The objectives of the organisation are the advancement of the Hindu religion and Indian culture in South Wales amongst local and Asian population. At present we have over 375 families as members and we hold following regular activities every year in and around Cardiff & South Wales.

Full Membership is open to any Hindu person of 18 years and above who is interested in the work of the committee. Associate membership is open to anyone who attended our festivals or performances and supports our activities.

Puja in Wales regularly update their website and it can be found using the link above.

Contact Name: Shankar Das

Contact Tel: 029 20 563356


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