Baptists are Christians who baptise people who are ready to make their own profession of faith. This goes hand in hand with their belief that the true Church is the body of committed believers rather than simply the religious aspect of society in a Christian culture. For the same reason they oppose the official establishment of the Church within the State. The Baptist movement began in England through dissent with state control over faith and practice, matters between God and community of believers. The first Baptist church in England was begin in London in 1612, and the first in Wales began at Ilston, in the Gower, in 1649.

Today Baptists represents one of the major UK church traditions. South Wales also has been a traditional stronghold of Baptists. Baptist church practices vary betwen churches, this is because though they belong to a union, the unity between them still allows for each church to gather around scripture and determine before God how they should run themselves.

The Baptist Union affirms:
1) The absolute authority of Jesus in all matters, the liberty of the gathered church to interpret and administer scripture;
2) Baptism of Christians by full immersion in water;
3) The duty of personal witness in all areas of life and lifestyle, and the duty to spread good news throughout the world.

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