Pentecostalism is a rapidly growing form of Christianity. It places special emphasis on the working of the Holy Spirit within the lives of the Christian community. This movement takes its name and example from an account in the New Testament book of Acts, where the disciples had been waiting upon Jesus’ promise that the Holy Spirit would be poured out to help them. Pentecostal Christians believe strongly in the continuance of this. Pentecostalism is not a church in itself, but a movement that includes many different churches. Well-known Pentecostal groups in the UK include Elim and Assemblies of God. "Pentecostalism" is also a movement of renewal or revival within other denominations.

Pentecostal church services incorporate worship and preaching with times of ‘ministry’ where they pray that the Holy Spirit would demonstrate God’s care and power through their gathering. Pentecostal meetings are one of the main places where you can expect to hear people speaking out prophecies about the future and speaking in tongues (languages that come from God).

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