This movement, also known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is derived from Joseph Smith (1805-1844). He claimed that in 1822 an angel called Moroni revealed to him the burial place of some gold tablets near Palmyra, New York. He dug them up and was inspired to read them, publishing a translation in 1830, and the tablets subsequently disappeared, They tell the story of how two lost tribes of Israel came to America, and of how Christ appeared in America after his resurrection to establish religious order and truth.

Joseph Smith’s followers moved around a great deal to escape persecution, and he himself was killed by a mob in Carthage, Illinois. There were numerous splits, but most of them followed Brigham Young, who established a settlement in Salt Lake City, Utah. Early Mormons believed in polygamy after the Old Testament pattern, but had to give it up in order for Utah to be recognised and incorporated into the United States.

The Mormons are a strongly missionary movement, sending out young “elders” to do door-to-door evangelising in pairs all over the world. They believe that entry to the Kingdom is through baptism by immersion, and that people who have died can be brought into the Kingdom by living people being baptised on behalf of them. This belief has led them into an enormous amount of genealogical research, which has proved very useful to people who are tracing their ancestors.

Mormons refrain from drinking intoxicants and stimulants, including alcohol, tea and coffee.

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