United Reformed

The United Reformed Church is a Christian Church which acknowledges God who exists as the Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It is Reformed because it grew from the tradition of the 16th Century Protestant Reformers, particularly that of John Calvin. Those reformers asserted the authority of the Bible and rejected the central control of the Christian Church by a Pope in Rome. The contemporary United Reformed Church would not subscribe to traditional Calvinist teaching, rather emphasising the love of God to all people, and His grace in calling some to serve Him in particular ways. URC congregations therefore have a particular emphasis on serving the local community by offering services of infant baptism or thanksgiving, marriages and funeral services, and through a whole variety of youth and community projects.

The URC is United because in 1972, many English Presbyterian churches and English-speaking Congregationalist churches in Wales and England agreed to come together and form one association. In 1981 the Churches of Christ joined, and in 2000 the Scottish Congregationalists also became members. The URC recognises that God does not wish the Christian Church on earth to be divided, and supports Christian groups in finding ways to be more united in their diversity.

URCs in Wales are organised in a Synod, presided over by a paid Moderator. The URC in Britain as a whole is governed by a biennial Assembly, which elects a minister and an elder to serve as co-moderators for the two year period until the following Assembly. The United Reformed Church takes a strong stance on many issues of justice and peace, including racial equality, global poverty and environmental concerns.

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