Church in Wales

The Church in Wales is a part of the worldwide Anglican Communion. The Church in Wales was part of the Church of England until 1920 when an Act of Parliament was passed to separate the two churches.

This separation occured through the influence of nonconformist politicians like David Lloyd-George.
This made the Church in Wales an independent province of the Anglican Communion, with its own Archbishop and six dioceses. All of the Anglican churches in the database belong to these 6 dioceses. For more information on their services, follow the links to them.

The Church in Wales is an independent member of the Anglican Communion like the Church of Ireland and the Scottish Episcopal Church. Like all Anglican churches, it recognizes the primacy of the Archbishop of Canterbury, even though the Archbishop does not have any formal authority outside England.

The origins of Anglicanism are found in the formation of the Church of England in the 16th century, when there was a dispute between King Henry VIII and the Pope. Henry passed laws limiting the power of the Pope and the Catholic Church in England, and eventually declared himself as supreme human head of the Church in England. Though he never ceased to regard himself as a Catholic, his actions gave encouragement to those who wanted England to become Protestant. The Church of England has thus always lived in tension between these two tendencies. Some within it (High Church people, or Anglo-Catholics) regard it as the Catholic Church in England, while others (Low Church, or Evangelical) see it as essentially a Protestant church.

With the expansion of the British Empire, churches on this pattern were established in other parts of the world. Outside England they are generally called Episcopalian, and are joined together in the Anglican Communion. The Church of England is still the Established Church in England, with the Queen as its head. The Queen (on the advice of the Prime Minister) appoints the bishops, and some of them are members of the House of Lords.

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