Local Organisations

A local organisation on this website is regarded as one which works in, or serves, less than the whole of Wales, but which is not easily identifiable with one of our three defined 'Areas' around Merthyr Tydfil, Pontypridd and Cardiff.

This category includes:

a) Organisations which cross the borders to serve two or all three of our defined areas;

b) Organisations whose remit is the whole of South Wales or South-East Wales;

c) Organisations which serve the South West of England and also cover part of Wales.

The choice of the three areas is due to the Faith Wales project being initiated by the Chaplaincy to the University of South Wales, which has sites in Pontypridd, Merthyr Tydfil and Cardiff. In time, it may be possible to extend our database further. Exceptionally, a faith-based shop or organisation in the Swansea or Newport area may be listed if it is one of the closest to South-East Wales for adherents of a particular religion.